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Yoga might seem daunting, but learning basic yoga techniques is simple and great for your overall health. Here are five reasons why you should sign up for a yoga class today:... Read more

  • Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge has a warm, welcoming, comfortable, family type atmosphere where the teachers and instructors will work with you one on one. We will teach you about health as we define it because everyone... Read more

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    Something we try to emphasize at Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge is a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere. All of the teachers here are friendly and really try to build a lasting relationship with everyone who attends our... Read more

  • Our wellness services are for everyone, whether you suffer from illness, depression, anxiety, phobias, or simply want to improve your own health and quality of life.

    We offer personalized nutrition and detoxification... Read more

  • At Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge, we love beginning yoga students! When you visit us, you will find a warm welcome; we are truly delighted to introduce you to the joys and rewards of yoga practice. We encourage all students... Read more

  • Summer schedule in full swing, check for update!

    See you soon!

    Namaste Read more

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  • Summer is right around the corner. We know that when the kids come home it is difficult to make it to classes. We are looking to see what interest there is for a kids drop in Yoga class in the other studio during the Tuesday... Read more

  • Summer Special--

    Two FREE Massages with four months unlimited yoga.  Go to Facebook Like, Share, and Comment and get 25% off apparel in store. COME AND SEE US!... Read more