Welcome to QHYL!

At Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge we use our experience and knowledge to educate our clients on creating a healthier lifestyle.

Our services and products can be tailored into a program that meets your unique needs. Our six-step approach will help you balance your life and get you on the road to good health and well-being.

By using our approach, you will create an ebb and flow of energy throughout your entire body. 

Usui System of Reiki Natural Healing Reiki 1 Workshop -

The Quantum Health And Yoga Lounge is proud to offer the Rieki 1 workshop, facilitated by Reiki Master, Benjamin Swatez. Mr. Swatez has practiced Rieki, among multiple other forms of alternative healing, for over a decade of throughout 51 countries. He is recognized internationally for his healing work with the children of war in Central Africa, with recently freed slaves of India, and orphans from the guerrilla warfare in Colombia. He has studied with indigenous tribes in the Amazon for years and exhibits his artwork in museums and galleries on four continents.

FREE Outdoor Yoga

free class

Quantum Health & Yoga lounge will have an outside yoga class behind the Chamber Of Commerce building in Burlington. This will be every Tuesday at 4pm until the weather turns to rainy.  Tell your friends, this class is FREE to new students! Class will last just under an hour and you can leave at any time.

What: Free Outdoor Yoga Class
Location: Behind Chamber Of Commerce
When: Every Tuesday at 4pm

Prenatal Yoga

September 3, 2015 - 10:00am - 12:00pm

Prenatal yoga has many benefits; from developing strength and stamina to reducing stress and anxiety through postures and breathe. We aim to create a supportive and caring community among expectant mothers. I look forward to seeing you in class!

Alert 4th of July Schedule Changes

Quantum Health & Yoga Lounge will be closed the evening of the 3rd of July.  Cancelled classes on the 3rd 3:00pm, 4:00pm, and 5:30pm Classes.  4th of July all classes will be cancelled.  Back on Schedule on the 5th of July.  $2.00 Carrot juices after the 8:30am class on the 5th of July.


Have a great Holiday weekend,