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We have two rooms for rent at QHYL, come join a positive and energetic atmosphere. And if you know someone who might be interested in this, let them know. You'll get 3 months of FREE UNLIMITED YOGA for finding someone to rent one out. If they... Read more

  • Open Gym, Drop In Anytime!
    Open Gym, Drop In Anytime!

    Come in anytime and do a "drop-in" in the Cross Training Gym! The cross training Gym will be open for workouts any time Monday through Friday from 10:30am-6:00pm. Remember to sign in at the front desk. There will be a... Read more

  • A slow paced, instructional yoga class focusing on proper form and alignment. Great for beginners or the seasoned practitioner looking to re-align their practice! Taught in a lightly warmed room.

    This is a one hour... Read more

  • Power Yoga
    Power Yoga

    Power classes are HOT and HUMID (105 degrees)! Come prepared for your body to warm up quickly, and to release a ton of toxins through your sweat, stimulating your natural detoxification system to purify your body! The focus of... Read more

  • This class will challenge you to build strength, endurance, and flexibility. We will focus on alignment, breath, and quieting the mind using Vinyasa style flow, moving through a series of balancing poses, core work, and deep... Read more

  • This class is set to music and taught in a warm room (between 80-90 degrees) to allow your body to warm up quickly. The class will challenge you to build strength, endurance, flexibility and balance while focusing on alignment... Read more

  • This class is specifically designed for people who are brave enough to admit that they are out of shape and want to enter into health, but need to start at a slower, more gentle pace. Designed and and taught by owner, Scott... Read more

  • Experience yoga under our unique Quantum "Star Scape"as you learn to quiet your mind and body. With powerfully relaxing music, and in a truly unique setting, you will teach your body to relax in a deeper way. We will focus on... Read more

  • If you love the idea of Power Yoga, but feel that it is a little too fast paced or hot, then this is the perfect class for you! Done in warmth between 81 and 90 degrees, this is a creative and fun practice that challenges you... Read more

  • Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge has a warm, welcoming, comfortable, family type atmosphere where the teachers and instructors will work with you one on one. We will teach you about health as we define it because everyone... Read more