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Hello everyone! We wanted to update you all that until the Fall Schedule is released, the Sunday meditation class will be on hold. Email or call us with any questions! Thank you and we hope you have an amazing day! Read more

  • Happy Holidays to you all! We wanted to update you on the schedule for the Holiday Season.

    December 24 Christmas Eve 8:30 AM Warm Power Fusion with Chris

    December 24 Christmas Eve 12:00 pm Yoga Nidra with Eddie... Read more

  • We are sorry to announce that the Saturday Clubbell 9:30 am class, as well as the Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 AM Flow class will be canceled until further notice. We have had changes in teachers' schedules. Thank you for... Read more

  • Hi everyone!  Please check online for the new Fall Schedule!  We apologize for the email not working properly!



    Scott... Read more

  • Massage

    Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge now has massage therapists on site to help your relax.
    Each of our practitioners manages their own individual schedules. Please contact the practitioner of your choice directly to schedule... Read more

  • First time Drop-in Special: 3 classes for $25

    Monthly unlimited (with auto deduction) $95
    Spouse or child joins for $60 more

    Monthly unlimited (not on auto deduction) $120
    Spouse or child joins... Read more

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    Oftentimes, people will start a healthy eating regimen with the sole goal of losing weight, viewing a lower number on the scale as the ultimate sign of success. This approach to weight loss, usually characterized by severe... Read more

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    Let’s face it – whether we thrive on it or hate it, stress is everywhere in our lives – at home, at work, and infused into the way we live our lives. Stressors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small and only slightly... Read more

    1. Stand in mountain pose. Shift your weight slightly onto the left foot, keeping the inner foot firm to the floor, and bend your right knee. Reach down with your right hand and clasp your right ankle.
    2. Draw your
    3. ... Read more
  • As our studio grows, and we are offering a variety of classes, whether they be  hot, "warm", or creating the fire within,  the question has come up several times:  "Why the heat anyway?"   Great... Read more