Quantum Health Yoga Lounge Juice Smoothie Bar


Quantum Health & Yoga Lounge has a wide variety of yoga classes for all ages! Once your class is done, you can head over to the juice & smoothie bar for your fresh, revitalizing drink.

Quantum goes out of their way to provide you with the ability to customize your post workout experience with juices, teas, or delicious smoothies. All of the juices and smoothies are just $5.50 for a 12oz drink! You can add ginger for .25¢, coconut oil for .50¢, Multi-Mineral Complex for .75¢ and protein powder for $1.

Power up with 12 ounces of Spinach and Orange juice when you order the Popeye juice or go Root Down with carrot, beet, apples and lemon!

The Green Monster has kale, spinach, chard, banana, berries, and apples all blended together to create the ultimate green smoothie! Want something a little sweeter? Try the Mango Tango with banana, apple juice, and mangos.

It’s the perfect way to get completely refreshed and revitalized. Stop by on the way to work for a quick, healthy pick me up!

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