New To Yoga?


At Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge, we love beginning yoga students! When you visit us, you will find a warm welcome; we are truly delighted to introduce you to the joys and rewards of yoga practice. We encourage all students to work at their own level and provide a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere that will enable you to feel strong, proficient and rewarded in a very short time.

New students will sometimes say apologetically, “I’m not very flexible.”  Please know that extreme flexibility is not the goal of our yoga; in fact, our instructors emphasize strength, balance AND flexibility through a wide variety of exercises and poses. While many of our classes utilize traditional yoga poses, our instructors also incorporate a wide variety of other moves, all designed to increase heart rate, improve strength, gain balance, achieve flexibility, and most importantly, quiet the mind.

Things to know before your first class:

Please introduce yourself to your instructor and tell them that you are new to QHYL. They will want to know of any injuries or limitations that you have so we can make modifications if necessary.

Find a spot in the second or third row of students so that you have a good view of the instructor and more experienced students in front of you.

Our classes are very welcoming so feel free to introduce yourself to the students around you and ask them any questions.

Class will usually begin with a warm up, moving on to a variety of moves or poses led by the instructor, followed by deep stretching and cooling down, and ending with reclining guided relaxation (Savasana.)

Always feel free to rest at any time during the practice; your teacher will never force or push you to stay in any pose or move where you are not comfortable. You will build strength and endurance over time. Enjoy your practice and always let us know how we can make your yoga experience with us better!

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