New Class This Friday


HOT 26 at 4:00pm pm on Fridays now!

HOT 26 Starting February 3rd at 4:00pm

Heidi will be teaching this Condensed HOT 26 on Fridays at 4:00pm. Please come out and FEEL GOOD!!! You will love it! This is a beginners series consisting of 26 poses and two breathing exercises, with modifications as needed for everyBODY. Gain more flexibility and strength by generating heat from the inside out through movement and stretching.
Release tension and stress from your mind and body through yoga poses by distracting your mind for 60 minutes in a heated room of 105 degrees with 40% humidity.

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Reminder of the other 3 classes added in January:

Hot Power Yoga with Mike: Starting January 13th Friday at 5:30pm

A complete, predominantly yang yoga class with an emphasis on strength building, including the heart. Always beginning with a gentle warm-up and spine prep, then proceeding through variable vinyasa flows, power, spine, warrior, and core sequences. There are postures for cultivating balance, and others for the skeleton, and the obligatory wind-down stretches at the end of the hour. The room temperature is in the 90s and the music all manner of everyday song.

Starlight Yin Yoga: Starting January 13 Friday at 7:00pm

Unwind and unfold in this slow, gentle, relaxing yoga class focused on restoration: countering both the effects of physical challenges and that of the modern world on the human mind. The room temperature is comfortable and the postures adaptable for everyone.

Systemic (HOT)ha Yoga: Starting January 14th at 1:00pm

Stretch, strengthen, and relax for an hour! This class is an amalgamation of traditions designed to eliminate the need for supplementation, hence a flowing practice that tethers, strengthening the core, legs, arms, and most specifically the back and spine, with a focus on flexibility, healing, and maintenance. The room temperature is in the 90s, and the class is adaptable for all levels.

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