Meet Mike Cuperus: Yoga Teacher at Quantum


Meet The Teacher

Phone: (360) 333-4606


Mike started teaching at Quantum Health & Yoga Lounge in 2015.

Here is Mike's schedule at Quantum

Tuesdays --------------- 5:30pm Systemic (HOT)ha Yoga

Wednesdays ---------- 4:00pm Hot 26 (Bikram)

Friday ------------------- 5:30pm Hot Power Yoga

Friday ------------------- 7:00pm Starlight Yin Yoga

Saturday --------------- 1:00pm Systemic (HOT)ha Yoga

Mike started practice in 2008, trained to teach in 2015, and started leading the Bishnu Charan Ghosh advanced class in Mount Vernon and Everett in the same year. He began teaching a yoga class in the lineage he'd been steeped in, (Bishnu Charan Ghosh) then started a class which issued from his own home practice, drawing from multiple lineages like vinyasa, ashtanga, ghosh, qi gong, tai chi, and traditional hatha yoga. Mike's goal is for every class to be complete, treating with every muscle group and quadrant of the skeleton, as well as every system of the body be it respiratory, cardiovascular, or otherwise, creating a template for the healing and maintenance of such through habitual and conscious systemic movement.

Mike has 21-year-old identical twin sons, who have been the primary impetus for his healthy trajectory. Caring for them is how he learned to care. He enjoys exploring with them, playing basketball, woodworking, and having increasingly longer and deeper talks with them as the years go by. He has built an almost closed loop, 2 acre homestead ecosystem with multiple poly culture gardens, animals, berries, grapevines, greenhouses, fruit and nut trees, and a varied component of medicinal and culinary herbs and edible flowers. When all of this allows a margin of time, (precious little) he enjoys singing and playing the piano, guitar, banjo, drums, and the mandolin.

One of the best parts of embarking upon or continuing a yoga practice are the communities that invariably emerge when other like-minded folk also bravely seek to take responsibility for their health, growing better together, and lifting each other up. Mike hopes to see you soon in one of his classes!

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