Krissy Gibson


With its origins in rehabilitation the Pilates Method of movement (‘Contrology’) was created to
be a complete coordination of mind, body, and spirit......a method of corrective exercise that
will strengthen, lengthen and transform your entire body.
The most popular and well-know of the Pilates apparatus, the reformer was originally named
for “universally reforming the body.” In its simplest form it is a frame, gliding carriage and
spring tension system that creates instability while simultaneously supporting the body. These
springs provide progressive resistance to maximize strength gains and endurance, increase
range of motion and allow for more fluid movement.
With an emphasis on deep core activation, spinal stability and proper alignment a Pilates
reformer class will help to correct muscular imbalances, improve flexibility, balance & posture
and increase strength.
Whether you’re a runner, hiker, golfer, dancer, sports enthusiast or weekend warrior Pilates is
essential for cross training and injury prevention and will make everything you do BETTER!

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