Jill Pickering


Instructor, RYT-200

Jill has been a yoga practitioner since 1998. She began practicing yoga as a way to increase flexibility and strength during athletic endeavors, after seeing the benefits of yoga, not only in her physical state but her mental state as well, she was hooked. Yoga became a preferred form of exercise through two pregnancies, as well as way to stay present and peaceful in the hectic moments of life. Jill has been teaching for the past four years and continues to pursue education in yoga. This ongoing process of learning provides fresh insights and inspires her teaching. Healthy breathing, alignment, and balanced energy flow are consistent points of focus in her classes. Jill’s teaching style is intuitive, nourishing the hidden strengths of her students while challenging them to reach beyond their perceived limitations.

 “Yoga allows us to teach ourselves to become empowered. It not only builds strong and healthy bodies, we also learn to accept ourselves and others as unique individuals, to welcome challenges and to grow.” Jill personally experienced the energizing and balancing effects of a consistent yoga practice in all aspects of her life. She is committed to assisting her students in experiencing this for themselves.

Jill teaches all levels of students, expect an energizing, soothing workout that challenges you from the inside out.

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