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121 Spruce Street in Burlington
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121 Spruce Street in Burlington

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Smile and remind yourself to feel good

At Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge, our philosophy is very simple: we want you to Feel Good

In every part of your life: physically, mentally, and emotionally. Everything we do here will help you do just that.

At Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge, we use our experience and knowledge to educate our clients on creating a healthier lifestyle. Our services and products can be tailored into a program that meets your unique needs. Our six-step approach will help you balance your life and get you on the road to good health and well-being. By using our approach, you will create an ebb and flow of energy throughout your entire body.

Six Steps to a Healthier You

  • Detoxify the body
  • Create a properly working digestive system
  • Eat real foods
  • Drink clean water
  • Exercise daily
  • Live your life in a calm state

At Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge, our yoga is non-competitive, non-judgmental, and open to everyone regardless of experience or fitness level. We encourage you to work to your own ability and go to your own personal edge. With each class you will improve your balance, increase flexibility, raise your metabolism for several hours, raise your heart rate, and work every muscle in the human body, but most importantly, you will quiet and focus your mind, because when the mind is allowed to rest, the body can begin to heal itself.

Our wellness services are for everyone, whether you suffer from illness, depression, anxiety, phobias, or simply want to improve your own health and quality of life. 

From Interstate 5 north or southbound: take Exit 230 and head east onto Highway 20/Rio Vista Ave. At the intersection of Highway 20/Rio Vista and Burlington Blvd., continue straight east on Rio Vista until the stop sign at S. Spruce Street. Take a left, heading north. Continue 5 blocks, cross railroad tracks, go one more block. Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge is located on the left/west side of S. Spruce St., on the corner of S. Spruce and Washington.
By Appointment Only, Free Parking, Group Friendly
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Quantum Yoga And Health Lounge

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