Robyn Pipkin

Robyn Pipkin
Teacher and Front Desk Staff

Namaste!  Robyn began her yoga practice in 2001 at the age of 23,  in response to the desire to find a natural and beneficial solution to persistent anxiety attacks, as well as reoccurring knee dislocations and pain. She had been a gymnast and a skier all her life, and like most people, really valued her physical body.  She had, what doctor's told her,  "abnormal structure of the knees", which in other words, meant, "there is nothing we can do to fix your knees".  At the young age of 23, She began to give up hope.  Nothing seemed to help her knees get better. .  Not even physical therapy. This, coupled with persistent anxiety,  lead her on a mission to figure it out! A friend suggested that she try "hot yoga", and after some himming and hawing over whether or  not that stuff really "worked",  Robyn was astonished at the fact that not only was she healing herself in both of these areas, but the benefits extended FAR beyond what she was looking for. Robyn began to notice tremendous physical mental, emotional, and life long benefits that turned a passion on in her that lead her a complete life transformation. She realized that yoga was a door to healing and helping people that  was never ending. After five years of practicing Birkam Yoga, she attended the Bikram yoga teacher training in Hawaii and immediately began teaching and with a partner,  jumped into studio ownership. l "I fell in love with helping others to heal themselves", she explains. "It does not matter how old you are, how out of shape, or how injured or sick you are. Everybody can heal their body with this yoga. It  is never about competition or ego, it is about healing, finding joy in your life, and living pain free." Robyn offers private Hot 26 classes at Quantum yoga, and looks forward to having you in her group classes as well. Robyn enjoys this particular style of yoga as well as expanding her horizons by exploring all styles including Power, Warm Power Fusion, Very Beginning Yoga, and Starlight, and is honored to be teaching and managing  at Quantum Yoga.

As an extension to teaching at Quantum,  Robyn is a certified Empowerment Coach, (or Life Coach), as well as provides private yoga therapy to people who would prefer to to yoga in the comfort of their own homes.  Robyn provides also provides group yoga to businesses, classrooms, homes, facilitates Yoga Empowerment parties, and works with children and adults in all of these capacities.  Please see her website for more details at for more details!


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