Never Give Up


Something we try to emphasize at Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge is a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere. All of the teachers here are friendly and really try to build a lasting relationship with everyone who attends our classes. We get to know our clients and their needs so we can help them to succeed in their health goals.

Back in the day,  after the Marines I was a Head wrestling and football coach here in the valley among many other things. Working with the kids to inspire them was a great experience. I love my job as a yoga instructor because I am able to bring that same inspiration and hope to the people who come in. I like showing them that there is a way to ease some of the symptoms they have been told they are just going to need to live with for the rest of their lives. I remember when they said to me, “There is nothing you can do. It's just bad luck.” It didn't make much sense to me, but I figured there was nothing I could do. Once I started learning about healthy eating and yoga, I realized there was a lot that you could do to ease the symptoms that make life harder.

Helping people to realize that there is hope is the best part of being a yoga instructor. There was this one person who came into my beginning class and I was actually a bit worried because she was in a lot of pain. After just one month in my beginning class she was saying things like, “I never thought I would be able to do these things again.” Her strength and her balance had exponentially grown and continue to get better. I love seeing those changes to new people, the people that didn't think there was any hope.

If you are dealing with daily pain, come try our beginning class. It could be the small thing that makes a big difference. To your health, Scott

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