Never Give Up


Something we try to emphasize at Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge is a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere. All of the teachers here are friendly and really try to build a lasting relationship with everyone who attends our classes. We get to know our clients and their needs so we can help them to succeed in their health goals.

Balance and Functional Strength


Quantum Health and Yoga Lounge has a warm, welcoming, comfortable, family type atmosphere where the teachers and instructors will work with you one on one. We will teach you about health as we define it because everyone defines it differently. We believe being healthy can be summed up easily, "Eat well, think well and move well."

We also believe in the importance of balance and functional strength. My definition of functional, useful strength is stuff you’re going to use every day. Generally a tree doesn’t fall on you and you have to lift it off of yourself every day. 

When you just work on the big muscles, those little stabilizing muscles get left behind and become weak. We want to give you balance and functional strength. We want all of muscles in the human body to become stronger. All of the little stabilizing muscles throughout the whole body, not just the pecks and the big glutes.

Foundations of Yoga

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If you love the idea of Power Yoga, but feel that it is a little too fast paced or hot, then this is the perfect class for you! Done in warmth between 81 and 90 degrees, this is a creative and fun practice that challenges you to build strength, endurance and flexibility. Using flowing sequences, balance, and deep stretching poses, it focuses on safe alignment, lots of instruction, and breathing with ease. You will get a great workout in this class and all levels are welcomed.

This is a one hour class taught by Ayrn Wysong on Monday and Wednesday at 9:30am, and Friday at 7:30am and 9:30am.

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